Smartidea Suggests – Tips for a Great Website Design

Smartidea claims that although this era is all about web technology expansion and evolution, there is one aspect which is still underrated—web design. This very aspect has a potential to turn passive leads into active ones. There are many techniques that have lost its charm while some have gained ground again. Have a look at some of the techniques Smartidea suggests for every web designer out there. (Here is a bonus tip: make the website mobile-friendly or responsive).

  1. White Space

White space has been in the trend since last year. Web developers at Smartidea are also loving the white space these days. The gist of having white space is, the pages load uber-fast with light weight pages, all thanks to white space! Flash images and animations also load rapidly which makes the website look more appealing. It gives the background, image, animation or even a simple typography all the due attention, minus the distraction. The primary and ultimate goal of any web design is to derive value and increase conversions.

  1. Bold and expressive typography

The minimalistic approach at the backend should often by embraced by the bold typography. While images are appealing too, but they impact the loading time of the page. A well-designed typography has the same effect of an attractive image but it doesn’t impact the performance. When there are colourful and artsy fonts, there is a zero need for flashy images. Zero raunchy buttons, clickable or hero images. The headers and menu articulate the purpose of the page entirely.

  1. Interactive bots

Equipping your website with advanced functionalities is a rich element of a successful web design, as suggested by the Smartidea experts. Intelligent bots that respond to your voice is one such instance. There are many ways to create these bots and equip them on your webpage. You can use them to welcome the visitors and much more.

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