Smartidea Learning – Difference between CRM and ERP

Smartidea provides solutions like CRM and ERP which helps in improving the overall profitability of a business. It might seem that both of the systems have some similarities, but they have their own differences. A better understanding will help in clearing the fog of confusion.

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is completely customer oriented­—current as well as prospective customers. The CRM solution provided by Smartidea includes all the instances of customer experience to organize, synchronize and automate customer service and response. It helps in retaining customer loyalty by keeping them satisfied. Happy customers means a happy business. The CRM solution provided by Smartidea is a potential tool that lets you maintain cordial customer relationships and retain customer loyalty.

On the other hand, ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning pertains to the entire business enterprise. By installing ERP system, a business is encouraged to address and improvise different facets of business administration such as Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Production Management, Financial Management and Human Resource Management. ERP acts like a hub for all of them which includes CRM as well. It is a real-time, organization wide system supported by Smartidea that helps in creating alerts in other departments also. For instance, a problem in Supply Chain Management notifies the Production Management Team which further notifies the CRM team, which eventually handle it appropriately while making customer interaction.

Enterprise Resource System and Customer Relationship Management are deemed to be centralized on increasing the profitability of a business empire. While the former focuses on reducing the costs by managing the business efficiently to the core, the latter focuses on achieving greater sales volume. ERP is enterprise oriented while the other is customer oriented. CRM helps in improving customer relationships and it is the part of ERP, it helps in communicating all the aspects with other departments to further improve the relationships.

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